Our Weekend Package is a two-day yachting retreat designed for those who seek a blend of tranquility and excitement. Your experience starts with a convenient pick-up and transport to the yacht, where you’ll spend your first night in a luxurious ‘Sleep In’ setting. Enjoy a splendid dinner with a stunning view over the port. The next day, wake up to a beautiful breakfast in port before setting off on a yacht journey. Relish a delicious lunch on board and choose from exhilarating activities like Jet Skiing, Scuba Diving, or Parasailing. Another evening awaits you with a sunset view, dinner, and champagne, followed by your second ‘Sleep In’ experience. The final morning includes a leisurely breakfast on the boat before you check out, fully rejuvenated.

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Classic Sea Break: 2 Days

All Inclusive Yacht Getaway


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